I was born November 26, 1978 in Wareham, Massachusetts. It is a small town located about 100 km south of Boston on the East coast of the USA. I was an only child, no brothers or sisters. When I was 1-1/2 years old my family moved to Tampa, Florida. My Dad worked at the county prison and my Mom as a pharmacist.

My childhood was an active one. I always enjoyed riding my bike and playing basketball. When I was in elementary school I started to become overweight from all the fast food and junk food I ate. When I was 14 years old I met some guys who worked out at the small gym we had at school. They taught me how to exercise and lift weights. This was the foundation for my fitness lifestyle.

In high school I had a large group of friends and was popular with everyone. I did the usual high school party routine and really enjoyed my years at Springstead High School in Spring Hill, Florida. But this was also the time when I became more serious about working out. I joined the weight lifting team and competed against other schools in the area. The competition had two types of lifts: the clean and jerk and bench press.
I graduated high school in 1997 and went to college in Tampa. Not sure of what I wanted to do I bounced around different schools and jobs. During this time I went to a lot of gyms and in the Tampa Bay area. Along the way I met many people from gym owners, to professional WWE wrestler, to hardcore body builders, all taught me what body building and fitness is about. I never wanted to compete in a bodybuilding competition, because to reach this level in the United States you have to use a lot of illegal substances in order to win.

In 2003, I moved to Boston, Massachusetts to go to school at Boston Architectural College. When I completed my Bachelors of Architecture degree in Spring of 2007, I wanted to move out of Boston and decided to move to Budapest, Hungary.

Before I left the United States, I wanted to get certified as a personal trainer. This was one of my life long goals that I wanted to complete before I left. In the Summer of 2007 I passed the American Council on Exercise's certified personal trainer exam. Even though I have been training people for over 10 years it felt good to finally be recognized as a certified personal trainer.

After living in Hungary for 3 years I decided to move back to Tampa, Florida in September of 2010. I enjoyed my time overseas but it felt great to come home.
I still train people from time to time because I like to teach people what I have learned about fitness and bodybuilding over the years. I have a few select clients that I train but I am always interested in a few more.

Work hard.Train harder