Personal Training
I have been training people for over 15 years in body building and fitness. The programs I design are customized for your needs. Whether you just want to lose a few pounds or you want to gain as much lean muscle as possible I can design a program for you. Not every person is the same and not ever person wants the same results. The amount of time a person can devote to fitness varies on many factors such as family, work, or leisure time. Once these factors are established I can design a program that works for you.

Program packages vary depending on a person's needs. They can range from a single one time session on how to work out your biceps correctly to 5 days a week of intensive one-on-one training. Training can take place either at a gym or at your home. Prices vary depending on the type of program and amount of time desired. All programs come with a copy of your routine for you to keep.

Typical packages include:
1 sessions with 1 hour workout is $50.00
10 sessions with 1 hour workout is $450.00

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Call or email me for custom program pricing.

Nutritional Planning
I can design a comprehensive weight management program based on the principles of calorie monitoring, balanced nutrition, exercise, and behavior modification. It is a structured program but with considerable flexibility to accommodate individual tastes and lifestyles. The objective is to create new nutritional and activity patterns that bring about permanent weight management solutions.

You will have an initial session to develop a full profile of your eating patterns, past dieting efforts, food preferences, and lifestyle circumstances. You are expected to keep a daily food diary for 1 week. Once the dairy is completed I will review it to better customize your eating plan. At the second session, you will receive a complete eating plan based on the information that you have provided.

The price for this program is $250.00
Additional program reviews are $50.00 each

Fitness Equipment Planning
I also assist people in finding quality fitness equipment for their business or home. There is a lot of equipment on the market and sometimes it is hard to choose what is right for you.

Prices vary. Call or email me for information on fees and expenses.